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Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Enjoy your pool again with Pool Vice! Nothin is worse than a dirty pool. Trust us, your pool will never look better, we are the best in Miami.

Pool Maintenance (Plumbing)

Your pool's plumbing is something essential, not doing it properly could cost you thousands of dollars and many headaches.


Nothing better than relaxing in your Jacuzzi/Spa right? Let Pool Vice clean & maintain it for you while you sit back and relax.

Other services

Lighting Effects
Chlorine generators
And More...

About us

At Pool Vice we believe in delivering quality service with the best products of our time.

Fifteen years of experience in the pool service industry abroad has allowed us to understand that it is not just a pool, it is a family investment and we value that you would trust us to convert it into the backyard of your dreams. Offering an array of services from residential pools, spas and backyard essentials.

Mission: At Pool Vice we aspire to provide a superior pool maintenance, service and repair where the clients can feel that their pools are in safe hands.

Vision: Be the best pool maintenance service in the Miami area.

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